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You're viewing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Cheat Codes

Game Name : Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
System : GameBoy Advance
Date Added : 2003-09-18 05:29:16
Views : 70324

The following Game Shark codes were submitted by Vegikachu

***Master Code***
EA995F78 808AC7FC
79071784 FC82C150

Hero Codes
572905DE EC7804A2 - Quick Lvl Up
D0D63EAA FD4C724B - Infinite HP
6D9304A8 EA65A137 - Max HP
2E36CA0F FD9DBA83 - Infinite MP
B7A2F308 8FED41F5 - Max MP
81896D8C 0E6A9641 - Max Atk
CFFFFA54 E4B44369 - Max Def
25951A24 700B3CC1 - Max Magic
E5371E6A CBDD640D - Max Magic Def
246D67A5 0BB62FB6 - Max Speed
08CC7EC3 88E0AB87 - 99 JP
DF6B8F86 10AC5192 - No Red Cards
E090637D 5157C565 - No Yellow Cards

D3C3D32C 6FB077AA - Have the "Two Swords" Ability Mastered

2nd Player Codes
E13D45CF 338AE33C - Quick Lvl Up
52DD5F20 9EF80661 - Infinite HP
33CCFAE8 66ECEE3F - Max HP
57C47F83 B25D45C7 - Infinite MP
E9F6E6C1 49ACC4BD - Max MP
57BFFB4A 8031EC57 - Max Atk
2C13424D 46A7635F - Max Def
EF25C724 6D6FCA87 - Max Magic
D4FE5A01 5D2ED450 - Max Magic Def
23FD87F7 B14CB071 - Max Speed
04899BCD 2D203394 - 99 JP
E4C127F2 01CB3EDE - No Red Cards
58AE7DC8 E6B46E3D - No Yellow Cards

3rd Player Codes
BB90E226 9CE87CD8 - Quick Lvl Up
5F464537 631684EE - Infinite HP
ACB0581C F5B39DCF - Max HP
7D08770A D73B5483 - Infinite MP
9839C76E 8EBE6F36 - Max MP
83890218 41AEDC51 - Max Atk
D02D2AA7 46B6BD2F - Max Def
9E47920F 753DAF80 - Max Magic
4208A4F0 7A247DBD - Max Magic Def
F218A3AD F8102A2A - Max Speed
BA53257A F6177497 - 99 JP
662FB1AE B11A44A9 - No Red Cards
B5EE072B 9434B492 - No Yellow Cards

4th Player Codes
5E470844 4D192636 - Quick Lvl Up
D6EC0F9D 51CE2C5E - Infinite HP
93A22E4E 835039BA - Max HP
BC3D9C12 E3EEC473 - Infinite MP
CCEA99F6 5C4358C6 - Max MP
FFBDA19E 6C67A56D - Max Atk
BB2472A3 9B9CBE8C - Max Def
0ADACA93 870FE6FA - Max Magic
17155811 6381FD6D - Max Magic Def
F5BA1B76 2DF97516 - Max Speed
BC27754E E18EE448 - 99 JP
F8C66295 20626921 - No Red Cards
5971E192 5D3BDCFC - No Yellow Cards

5th Player Codes
03A5C065 A83DB225 - Quick Lvl Up
FA6C0BD3 28778AB9 - Infinite HP
FD73144F 91026FA2 - Max HP
0985A5B7 4E7E7FCC - Infinite MP
6C4CEB2B CFFF49E4 - Max MP
84DBAB59 292D5924 - Max Atk
DCC593F5 7D38C1D8 - Max Def
20D63436 D2BAF976 - Max Magic
2E29DCA1 366C1358 - Max Magic Def
B6B3BDF2 0CE6DBB7 - Max Speed
66C0BBC4 F2FDAEF1 - 99 JP
4CEA5333 6341E279 - No Red Cards
E694EC3B 132BD9DD - No Yellow Cards

6th Player Codes
417BC3FF 04638D06 - Quick Lvl Up
7E077D0D B8FF7FEB - Infinite HP
79B942CD 1BE90D17 - Max HP
4483A4A5 CC3BECFE - Infinite MP
6431F719 F343C895 - Max MP
33523762 03C7DBEE - Max Atk
1BD288F6 ACB913BA - Max Def
7F68E366 A6148A6A - Max Magic
C4A8645F C899EE67 - Max Magic Def
94C05CEF 6133AFDD - Max Speed
103FEF8C 6566FBC6 - 99 JP
F421D65F 5F544A69 - No Red Cards
1B601B5B 17ABA2A4 - No Yellow Cards

7th Player Codes
6EB23408 EFF23D84 - Quick Lvl Up
DF34BDDB F4836B8E - Infinite HP
A559ECCF 26C85563 - Max HP
DD6E6775 BFEBA241 - Infinite MP
69F814E8 6C7D6868 - Max MP
9AB6B01D 31227195 - Max Atk
4E289AE2 5F634606 - Max Def
15C80D46 1F2A4CDB - Max Magic
D48CE33F 69774237 - Max Magic Def
9E4DFFD0 752C961A - Max Speed
EFE13ED1 737BAF66 - 99 JP
16817C5D 59EA1D34 - No Red Cards
F6205828 73D6DCE4 - No Yellow Cards

8th Player Codes
DCBF031D BB3C47FC - Quick Lvl Up
ECF23D40 3C053C2A - Infinite HP
DD674CC0 E2D7A158 - Max HP
3AD8DD78 CC86A3A9 - Infinite MP
1C4622FD 858F0ECE - Max MP
365E3CAD 903CB855 - Max Atk
46605F7F ED7E656E - Max Def
5457B5A1 1117989A - Max Magic
71049352 32DDC61D - Max Magic Def
15C35EF0 4338037A - Max Speed
6FB026FA 39A040EC - 99 JP
3C84C25A 07A42719 - No Red Cards
6F207FD8 852A3705 - No Yellow Cards

Misc Codes
96675F6D 75E31393 - 99,999,999 Gold
7891B036 F6C1D349 - 10,000 Gold after battle (For slower cheating) 1B0E6463 4B52B64D - 500 AP after battle

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