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Game Name : Metroid Fusion
System : GameBoy Advance
Date Added : 2004-10-09 15:34:19
Views : 39079

Wall jump
To reach platforms easier, spin jump next to a wall, press the D-pad opposite to the direction that you went, then jump. Samus will touch the wall and propel herself off it in a another jump. This can be done repeatedly. Once you have the space jump, this is unnecessary.

Speed boost warp
Once you have defeated Serris, find a place to run. Keeping going until you get your speed boost, then press Down, A and choose the direction you wish to move. Samus will warp at very high speed, destroying anything in her path until she strikes a solid object that is not made of speed booster blocks.

Defeating Omega Metroid
This trick is easy to do and with some luck, you will not get hit at all in the entire battle. When the Sa-X sacrifices itself, get the Ice Beam. Then, when you start shooting the Boss in the chest, rapidly press B to keep hitting it. The Omega Metroid should cry in pain several times and will not be able to hit you. In the battle with the Omega Metroid, when it swipes you, Samus will become motionless for a few seconds. However, if you rapidly press Up, you will cut this time down dramatically.

Defeating the spider
When the first set of fire comes down, turn into your Morph Ball and go all the way over to the fire ball on the right. Wait until it starts to go to the middle. Then, keep shooting missiles (when the spider is charging up) until it shoots the three fire balls. You will get hurt, but at least you will hit him. You have to keep going next to the fire balls until he loses his legs. Once this happens, you can go to the right of the stage and shoot missiles up at him. When he turns red, go to the left of the stage and shoot up.

Defeating SA-X
When you first get into the room where you fight SA-X, charge your Power Beam and go up to the door. Stay with ground combat. Since it is charged, keep it like that and wait until he is normal (and not a green ball and invulnerable). Take the first shot, then hold it down to charge again. He should jump into the air and land next to you. This is your chance to shoot. Do the same thing repeatedly until he gets fuzzy. When you hit him he will turn into a giant monster. The only way he can hurt you is to jump on you. Charge up your beam and hit him in the face four times. His eyes will go red. Walk next to him and he will die. On the spikeball, charge up your missiles, When his eye opens up, shoot then jump over him immediately. If you run low on health, use your Screw Attack and hit him. A group of Xs will appear. Collect as many as needed. You can do this repeatedly.

Fire over ledge while hanging
You can fire over the ledge that you are hanging on by charging the Beam and releasing it. Note: This may only be done with the Wide Beam.

Pseudo Screw attack
To kill a host of an X parasite without being attacked, charge your beam to full power and perform a spinning jump into the enemy. This will destroy most minor enemies in one hit. The stronger ones (for example, Zebesian Space Pirates) will take more hits, but you will sustain damage each time you hit them. This maneuver will also work on certain Bosses. The real Screw attack gained by defeating Ridley X is far more powerful. granting you invincibility and the ability to destroy all enemies (except Bosses) on contact.

Near the start of the game when the X are tying to make the environment to their own conditions and block the fans, go to one blocking the fans (the ones that you have to kill with missiles and give off X Parasites). It will be floating around. Look at the top left of it, in the very corner of the X. You will see a Gamecube.

Samus without her helmet
Successfully complete the game with a time between two and three hours and at least 60% of the items collected to see Samus Aran without her helmet.

Increase health
When you have to do the last objective with the wind machines, gather X Parities to get a lot of life.

Super warp jump
This is slightly difficult to perform and may require a few attempts. Find a place to run until your Super Run kicks in. This is obtained after you defeat Serris. Then, quickly press Down. Samus will kneel down and glow. Then, jump. Samus will fly upward until she hits a solid object not made of speed blocks.

Hyper Screw attack
This move is used while performing the Speed Booster. Note: You will also need the Screw Attack. While running in hyper mode, jump forward into a Screw attack and do not stop moving forward. You will notice that you will still be in hyper mode while airborne. If you continue the Screw attack with the Space Jump and never stop moving, you will remain in hyper mode until you run into something solid or stop moving. This technique is very useful for breaking boost blocks with no extra running space around them.

Skipping levels
After you go through the restricted section, go to the navigation room just beside the elevator. When you talk to it, it will instruct you to go to another place. If you want to skip a couple levels, talk to it again. It will instruct you to go to the Operation room to set a collision course with a planet. You will now be able to go there.

Secret Ending
Beat the game at 100% in under 2 hours to get the secret ending.

Samus without her suit
Successfully complete the game with a time under 6:30 and all items (100%) to see Samus Aran without the suit, wearing something similar to a bathing suit.

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